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james j. gugliuzza writes:
August 15, 2011

Hi! all GUGGS
- Frank gugliuzza writes:
June 11, 2011

My family 5 uncles 4 aunts grew up on the west side of Buffalo. My father is still alive at 94 name is Frank my Mom passed years ago name was Dora.
- ben sciarcon writes:
June 9, 2011

Ho fatto il servizio militare con
Giuseppe Gugliuzza piazza carlo maria ventimiglia Palermo Sicily 1970.

Iwas in the Italian army with Giuseppe Gugliuzza of piazza carlo maria ventimiglia
Palermo Sicily 1970.
Anyone know him?

Sarebbe incredibile ritrovarlo!!!
Would be great to contact after all these years!!
- Suzanne Cavalluzzo writes:
June 8, 2011

My name is Suzanne Cavalluzzo, daughter of Ignatious & Edda Cavalluzzo. Grandaughter of Florence Cavalluzzo & Charles Cavalluzzo. I wanted to know is I have any relatives around, becasue all my immediate family are dead. Please feel free to contact me at
wendy writes:
June 4, 2011


dorthy and vince from tinley pk where my grandparents freda was my name
is wendy who is this?
- SEOSoftware writes:
May 24, 2011

Hey im new here.

Im sam, how is everyone?

I look forwards to being a active memeber
- Christy Gugliuzza Hill writes:
April 23, 2011

Hello Gugliuzza's nice to say hello to family
- Cheryl Gugliuzza writes:
January 4, 2011

Hi my name is Cheryl and I am from Buffalo NY. My ancestors are from Palermo Sicily. My Great Grand Mother was Rose and her husband was Antonio. They came to the US with 3 sons Pasquale, Antonio and Vincenzo. (owned Buffalo importing on connecticut St) Vincenzo is my Grand Father. He married Dominica Guercio and they had 3 children. Rose, Rosario and Vincent born 1933(my dad). Our family is from the West Side of Buffalo. Looking to see if anyone has anymore information on my family from Palermo.

- David Liuzza writes:
November 12, 2010

I stumbled upon your fabulous name (and I'm sure fabulous family) and thought I'd say hi. Our family, the Liuzzas, are from Sicily and settled in South Louisiana... I wish you all well!
- Maria Gugliuzza writes:
September 9, 2010

Hello Family I'm from Buffalo, NY my grandfather & grandmother were from Isnello,Sicily. My Father was Russell (Rosario)died 1994 & my mother was Rosa died 1982. Does anyone know if we still have relatives in Italy. I will be going next year and would like to look them up.
Samantha Franseca Gugliuzza writes:
July 2, 2010

Hey fellow gugis!
- Steven J. Gugliuzza writes:
May 20, 2010

Let me just start out by saying, I'm speechless. Where have you all been all my life. My name is Steven and I was born in Melrose Park IL. My sister Patti still lives in Chicago , but I live out of state. My dad was Sam Gugliuzza and was married to Sadie Patti,Dad had two brothers Russell and Jimmie. If you think you might be related drop me an email. Glad to meet all of you.
- Mary Ann Coletta writes:
May 20, 2010

I just checked the guestbook and the 2 May 14,2010 entries are not mine.I have no idea how my entries ended up with those emails.
- David Gugliuzza writes:
May 18, 2010

found this on a search how wild my grandfather came from Isnello Salvatore Gugliuzza
- Mary Ann Coletta writes:
February 27, 2010

Hi My name is Mary Ann Coletta and I live in Rockford,Il.My Grandfather and his brother came to the US from Cefelu.My grandpa Dominic came to Rockford and his brother Anthony went to Shreveport La.Would like to hear from other Gugliuzza's.
- Anthony Gugliuzza writes:
February 27, 2010

Hi, my name is Tony Gugliuzza from the Illinois chapter of Gugliuzza's. I think it's crazy how many Gugliuzza's there are all over America. I doubt that all of us our related though. Perhaps Gugliuzza is the new "Smith" and is becoming more and more common.
- sandra gugliuzza writes:
February 27, 2010

i would like to know other gugliuzza's in the family so i can pass on the family history to my children an their children please help me make my family tree thank you an god bless
- Domenico Gugliuzza writes:
December 25, 2009

Hello to all the Gugliuzzas out there in the world! I am looking for other Gugliuzzas related to me. My father was Francesco Gugliuzza, born in Lascari, Sicily, in 1909. He was a barber there for many years. My mother was Giuseppina Cirincione. I was born and raised in Lascari but now live in Illinois. I would love to hear from you.
- Angela writes:
December 19, 2009

My great grandmother was Dorothy Gugliuzza and her husband was Vincent Gugliuzza and they lived in Tinley Park Illinois. Any one related?
- bryan gugliuzza writes:
December 14, 2009

Hello, again. i signed this a while back under the email or something like that. I just wanted to give out an updated email
- Giovanni writes:
November 25, 2009

Hi everyone, I'm french, I live in Toulouse, France, but my father is from Sicily, he was born in Palermo in 1945. Is name is Sergio. My granfather's name is Salvatore also born in Palermo, Sicily, but I know that the family name came from Castelbuono next to Cefalu in Siciliy. There is a castle there name Gugliuzza. In this castle you can't admire a portrait of il commandatore Guisseppe Antonio Gugliuzza Da Castelbuono. He was a navy officer for de king a two Sicily at the time around 1650 and something I don't quite remenber. I guess he's one of our great ancester. You might want to check it out one day if you go to Sicily, and get back to me, I would love to know more about the family's history.
Giovanni Guglielmo Gugliuzza
- Peter Gugliuzza writes:
November 22, 2009

My granparents came to Buffalo, NY from Sicily in the early 1900's. They lived there until their deaths. There names were Peter (Pietro) and Lucia (DiBella). They had five children - Mary, Joseph, Russel, Frank and Louis (all now deceased) Most of their children and some of the grandchildren stll live in the Buffalo area. A portion of our family (my grandfathers brother Frank and his family) changed their last name to Galza.
- Angela Parrott writes:
November 13, 2009

Have been searching for family of my grandmother Rosa Gugliuzza who married my grandfather Frank Cincotta in 1913 in Baltimore and deserted him and her daughter(my mother) in 1918 and she was never found.
The Gugliuzza family was from Santo Stefano di Camastra in Sicily. My grandmother Rosa's sister married Mariano Graziano.
- stephen gugliuzza writes:
October 23, 2009

wow! i like most of u gugliuzza's out there lol did not know there were so so many of us i live in the buffalo new york area i thought we all lived here lol lol but i guess we have strength all over the world. my kids use to say how they hate there name because nobody could pronounce it correctly sound familur wait untill they see this website it will make them feel impowered for sure does anyone use gootz as a nickname my friends back in school called me that and still do to this day as u can see by my email address i was born on st. joseph's day the 19th of march my mother told me she didnt name me joseph because there were a gazillion of them and she wanted to give me an original name at the time there were no stephen's out there
- heather (willis) waugh writes:
October 16, 2009

my grand father was the first generation born in america and the last name was changed to willis not sure why i have heard different stories. i have some informaion and i am willing to share just email me at
- Don Gugliuzza writes:
October 9, 2009

I just read an old message that I wrote last year. It had my old email address of avidgolfer94@sbcglobal. If you responded to that address please respond again to:
Don Gugliuzza writes:
October 9, 2009


All the Gugliuzza's in Rockford are related. I have a cousin, Louie (Luigi) who has now retired from the Rockford Police Dept.
His father's name was Sam. My father's name was Joe. Our grandparents were Dominic and Mary. I'd guess that we are related. Let's talk further.
My email address is
- Carol Ann Belpedio Schlau writes:
September 14, 2009

Hi, I'm the granddaughter of Dorothy Gugliuzza Cortino from Chicago/Melrose Park, IL...This is a great site, I can't wait to show my kids....
- Joann (Chris) March writes:
September 13, 2009

Looking for John Palermo who graduated from Stowe High School in 1964.
- Salvatore Gogliuzza writes:
August 6, 2009

My dads name was Vincent Gogliuzza, born in Philadelphia,PA. My understanding is the the correct spelling is Gugliuzza. My grandfather came to america in late 1800's his name was Salvatore
- Michelle Regan writes:
August 4, 2009

My great grandfather and great grandmother, along with his brother & wife came over to the United States in the late 1800s (I think it was 1895) from Lascari, Sicily. The men were Salvatore and Pasquale Gugliuzza. Anyone possibly related? The wives were Josephine and Anna.
Anthony Alexander Gugliuzza writes:
June 5, 2009

Living in New Orleans La,
BethGugliuzza writes:
May 16, 2009

My dad is third geraration Gugliuzza... un like most italians our family came to new orleans but my father moved to texas when he married my mother. If any other Gugliuzza lives in texas i would love to know, thanks
- Margaret writes:
May 15, 2009

I am looking for anyone related to the Gugliuzza's from Alia Palermo, Italy. My grandfather, John, was one of the brothers that changed our name from Gugliuzza to Ulett to try and find work in America. As far as I know he and his siblings came through New Orleans. If you have any family history regarding my family please contact me.
Thank you!
Anthony Gogluizza writes:
May 13, 2009

My last name is Gogluizza just wondering if there is any relation to Gugluizza?
- A Parrott writes:
April 27, 2009

I am looking for families with Gugliuzza/Cincotta/Graziano connection, from Santo Stefano di Camastra,Sicily.
- Anna Marie writes:
April 26, 2009

This is wonderful! I wish this had been available when I was growing up because I thought my family was the only Gugliuzza in the U.S. It felt like it anyway! My father was Micheleangelo (Michael) Gugliuzza from Santo Stefano in Sicily. His brother and their father were Anthony. Their mother was Anna Bartalotta. When I was a child I remember my father mentioning cousins in Pennsylvania but I don't know what city. Please feel free to write.
- Thomas Gugliuzza writes:
April 11, 2009

Buona Pasqua!

Hello to all the Gugliuzza's in the world. I just Googled Gugliuzza and found your website. I think this is a fantastic idea. I am from Pittsburgh. My Father's name was Anthony Joseph Gugliuzza. His family hailed from Sicily. If you think you might be related email me.
Mike P writes:
April 10, 2009

I beleive Nunzia Gugliuzza was my great grandmother. Nunzia married Salvatore Vavonese maybe in or around Washington, PA. The information I have seen (if correct) indicates Nuznia was born 12/14/1896 in Campofelice, Sicily which looking on a map is not far from Isnello. I would try to google Gugiuzza italian genealogy and go to the link.

- Paolo Gugliuzza writes:
February 20, 2009

Ciao to all Gugliuzza, after long time i write again here ( later august 2007 ).I have new info, i find Gugliuzza in Pittsburgh so i send him a stamp.....not 1 repond !! That the new info... on May 07, 1901 grandfather Salvatore landed in the US at Ellis Isl. N.Y. the first time sponsored by his brother Giuseppe( 1875-1955) who lived in Pittsburgh PA (624 2nd Ave.) on April 17, 1901 the other two brothers, Nicolò G. born 1880 and Francesco G. born in 1878 joined him in Pittsburgh.
On August 20, 1903 other brother Carmelo G. born 1885 and Maria Anna born 1882 joined him in Pittsburgh at 873 Webster Av.
I have find a cusin that have canged Gugliuzza in Gale lived in Oregon and California and perhaps other in Galza...but not in Pitttsburgh.
Regards , Paolo

- Mary writes:
February 4, 2009

Hi Paula, How are you all. Hope all is well at home. Paula I tried to view the photos, but couldn't get in. In passing I saw a picture of my Uncle Mario, boy was that long long time ago. I was so shock in seeing him on there. I told him about it and to give you guys a call. If you get a chance write back. Ciao! Ciao!
- Paula writes:
December 26, 2008

I would say the correct spelling (or the one that is most likely used) is:
- Marion Gugluizza (Lupo) writes:
November 18, 2008

Hi to all the Gugluizza's. I just happened to come across this. I see that my sister, Monica, and my cousins, Joseph and Martin, have already signed the guestbook, so you will already know my history. I too always was a definite stand out in every class I was ever in...NO ONE could ever promounce the name correctly. Actually, we have an ongoing friendly family feud about the spelling. Our father (Monica and I), Charles spelled it Gugluizza and his brother (John), my uncle and father of Joseph and Martin, spelled it Gugliuzza. If anyone has any input regarding the spelling, jump in and let us hear from you.
- Mary Agostara-Lombardi writes:
September 26, 2008

Hi Guys! Just a quick hello and to tell you guys that this site is a very cool idea. I love it.
Love Ya,
Cousin Mary from Queens..
bryan gugliuzza writes:
September 18, 2008

or if u have a myspace mine is
- bryan gugliuzza writes:
September 18, 2008

i am looking for my father i dont know his middle name but its anthony gugliuzza goes by tony last i knew he lived in PA and the last time i saw him i was little i ask if i could stay that summer with him and he told me he wants to get to know me better before he lets me stay with him so if anyone has any info on this man plz send me something at the below email
- bryan gugliuzza writes:
September 18, 2008

this is sweet my last name is gugliuzza i live in ohio and my dad is anthony gugliuzza
- Anthony Gugliuzza writes:
August 22, 2008

I am looking for my father. I have not seen him since 1983. His name is Anthony Joseph Gugliuzza. I was born in southern California in 1979. Last i knew he lives in Hawaii. I am a soldier currently deployed in Iraq. I want to let my father know that i am doing good for myself. If anyone here can help me. You can email on the address that is posted. I am also looking for anyone that is related to him. I know he was born in 1956 in Illinois. He met my mother in CA. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.
- Giovanni Gugliuzza writes:
August 17, 2008


As you can see we've got the same name. I'm french and in france this name is very rare. My father is like your side of the family from Sicily, from Castelbuono, a little village 15 miles from Palermo.

I just googled my name and found your website first in line, I think its incredible, nice job.

If you like to write me back that would be great, it's allways cool to get in touch with people having the same name all over the world.

best regards form France.
Pietro Gugliuzza writes:
August 14, 2008

hello, my name is pietro gugliuzza and i'm from naples,italy.i am 16. my grandparents was born in isnello,palermo. their names are pietro nicolò and ermelinda gugliuzza.
while my grandmother's father and brothers went in USA, she and her husband came in naples about 1960. they have two sons: costantino(my father) and giuseppe(called pippo,my uncle). i have a sister(gabriella, 14 years old), a brother(davide, 11 years old) and two cousins(linda,17, and laura,14). we are the only two gugliuzza families in naples. so, if some gugliuzza want to come in italy, maybe we can meet. for contacts, email to father's e-mail)
bye bye ciao ciao!!
- lynda Rossi writes:
August 5, 2008

my birth name is gugliuzza and o my god i cant believe this exists!!!
my grandparents came from sicily and moved to Bayonne in fathers name is John with a brother named father later changed the family name to Rossi .
Does qnyone make a connection with this????
- Monica Gugluizza Delisa writes:
August 2, 2008

What a surprise to find that there are so many of us with the same last name. I was in the third grade before i pronounced it correctly. I am a cousin to Martin and Joseph Gugliuzza who signed in recently and told me about this amazing website. Their father John and my father Charles(Rosario)were brothers. My father married my mother Ann(Andolfa) Modero and my Uncle John married my mother's sister Lee(nicolina). I have one sister Marion named after our grandfather Mariano Gugliuzza. Our grandparents came from a small town outside of Palermo. If anyone might have further information, p;ease contact us. In the meantime, welsome to the family.
- Daniela writes:
August 1, 2008

Hello to all fellow 'Gugliuzza's' out there.. i am Daniela, living in the UK. my family are from Cefalu, Sicily. my mum has done our family tree so if anyone wants to find out if we are related drop me a line.. look forward to hearing from you..
- martin j. gugliuzza writes:
July 29, 2008

hi to all he gugliuzza's of the world. i agree with all of you that we deserve some sort of recognition for going through life with this name, especially in first grade. i am joseph's older brother. our parents and grandparents are all deceased now. our grandfather was married in italy to carolina monteleone. they had three chidren, marie, john (our dad), charles and virginia. they settled in hudson county new jersey. specifically hoboken. they were born vicina palermo. we don't know to much beyond that. they arrived here in the mid to late 1880's. if anyone has any other info be sure to e-mail either one of us. looking forward to hearing back from anyone who might be related or not. ciao martin (mariano)
- Joseph M. Gugliuzza writes:
July 28, 2008

Hi to All the Gugliuzza's out there. Our grandfather immigrated to America the late 1800's. He was one of three brothers. His name was Mariano. He stayed in the NY metro area. He had two brothers who moved to Pennsylvania and Ohio respectfully. They changed their names to Grill and Williams. Both were in the wholesale candy business.
My father grew up in the Hudson county area of New Jersey. His name was John. My brothers name is Martin. We lived a childhood of thinking we were the only Gugliuzza's in the world, of course now I know differently. My grand father was from Cerda, outside of Palermo. Drop a\us a line, would love hearing from any one even if we are not "related". We belong to a very exclusive fraternity with our name.
janet at england writes:
July 18, 2008

avidgolfer my husbands family have Gugliuzza's in Rockford, but not sure if related or not, did your father/grandfather work for the rockford police
- Debra writes:
July 15, 2008

I am looking for a Peggy Gugliuzza. From DC/Md. Please email if you have any info.
Elana Gugliuzza writes:
July 13, 2008

Hi, my name is Elana Gugliuzza (20) from Maryland and I have an older sister named Dana (22). My father is Louis Gugliuzza and my mother is Susan. Just googled "Gugliuzza" and this popped up. So,I wanted to leave a comment. Hi all :)!
- Joey Gugliuzza writes:
July 11, 2008

i just noticed that my dad signed about 1 month ago, and noticed another that said her grandfather was named Joseph Anthony Gugliuzza. That is my name exactly and I was born in Montclair California, not California, Penn. That's really Ironic. My Dad is Joe, my Grandfather is Cruce Gugliuzza. He is from Lascari, Sicily.
- Tess Waldman writes:
July 2, 2008

I'm a Galza, contracted from Gugliuzza. My grandfather was Frank Galza (Gugliuzza)from Isnello and married to Anna Fontana (also from Sicily) and settled in Buffalo NY. (Anna's brother Vito married Frank's sister (no first name yet)). I'm in Philadelphia. We are planning a trip to Sicily in two weeks to visit our past and trying to gather as much information as we can. I'd appreciate any information or contact!
jordan gugliuzza writes:
July 1, 2008

stop robbin ma name lol luv u
maria gugliuzza writes:
June 22, 2008

Hi to all of the Gugliuzzas out there! My family is from Buffalo, N.Y. where there are tons of relatives. My Dad just passed away a couple of weeks ago, age 92. He was a restaurant owner in Buffalo. You can read about him and our family on this website. It is listed under the title saying "Christy S.Gugliuzza, 92, restaurant owner." If interesteed,take a peek. We are a close knit family and it started way back when my grandparents Concetta and Francesco got married in Sicily.
- Joe Gugliuzza writes:
June 2, 2008

My father Cruce Gugliuzza was born on Lascari Sicily and settled in Chicago Il in 1954
- Barbara Gugluizza writes:
May 16, 2008

Hi, my grandfather's name was Joseph Anthony Gugluizza, and he was born in California, Pennsylvania. His mother died when he was young, and his father, Gaetano, placed my grandfather and his brothers in an orphanage. They all eventually settled in Cortland, NY and Syracuse, NY. I was excited to find this site and see others with the Gugluizza name.
- Anthony Gugliuzza writes:
May 13, 2008

Hi i am Anthony Dominick Gugliuzza my father's name is Anthony Joseph Gugliuzza. This is to Dominic Gugliuzza I think I am related to you. I am from Los Angeles. My dads father is named dominic. I have been trying to get a hold of him for a long time. I have not seen my father since i was 3 years old. If you are related to him let him know I am good. I am in the army and i am on my third tour in Iraq.

Anthony Gugliuzza
- Angela Parrott writes:
May 9, 2008

Have been searching for family of my grandmother Rosa Gugliuzza who married my grandfather Frank Cincotta in 1913 in Baltimore and deserted him and her daughter(my mother) in 1918 and she was never found.
The Gugliuzza family was from Santo Stefano di Camastra in Sicily.
- Joseph Calderone writes:
April 17, 2008

My g-grandmother, Gioachina Gugliuzza, was born in cefalu in 1864. She married Paolo Guercio and they moved to Baltimore MD, USA in 1899. I would be interested in talking to anyone who thinks they might be related.
- JAN writes:
March 26, 2008

- frank gugliuzza writes:
March 24, 2008

from Buffalo NY - grew up mostly on North side of Buffalo, Minnesota Ave. Father Frank still alive (91) - mother Dora passed way over 15 yars ago. Oldest of 5 kids, Richard (55), Angela Macholz(53), Debra Kramer (51) and youngest brother Nick (50).

Would love to understand better our lineage and geneology. Please write back.
- Connie Gugliuzza writes:
March 5, 2008

Hi to all the Gugliuzzas of the world. I am no longer a Gugliuzza since I am married. Both of my parents, my sister and I were born in Lascari, Sicily. Wondering if anyone out there might be related to my grandparents - Emanuele Gugliuzza and Caterina Luvisi. Please email me. I know that there are more of us out there ... Thanks
- gabriele gugliuzza writes:
February 19, 2008

ciao a tutti sono gabriele gugliuzza da lascari nn so se in tutti questi gugliuzza posso trovare qualche mio parente trasferitosi in america tempo addietro se potete fatemi sapere al mio indirizzo email ciao a tutti
- gugliuzza carlo writes:
January 31, 2008

ciao a tutti sn carlo gugliuzza ho 21 anni e sono di cefalù, mio padre è nato a buenos aires(arg),dove mio nonno si trasferì negli anni '50,mia madre e di isnello(pa)italy.
- Dominic R. Gugliuzza (Don) writes:
January 26, 2008

My grandfather, Dominic, was born in Cefalu and eventually migrated to Rockford, IL. He had a brother, Tony, who lived in Shreveport, La. He married my grandmother, Maria Reola in Port Arthur, TX. They had 5 children: George (died very young) Salvatore (Sam) Giuseppi (Joe, Joseph), Antonio (Anthony, Tony) and Domenica (Minnie). I know my grandfather had a cousin, Dominic, who lived in Verona, Pa and retired from a railroad. That's all I know. If anyone has any additional information, I would be more than happy to receive it.
I'm really happy to have found this website and will come to it frequently.
- Paula writes:
January 2, 2008

Happy New Year to all of The Gugliuzza's of America and Italy.
We are a courageous and loyal bunch--- to be able to handle this name.
Yes, I too wonder how we manage everytime we introduce ourselves.
- Emily writes:
December 3, 2007

Ciao! My mother's maiden name is Gugliuzza and she is originally from Amsterdam, NY. Her first name is Anna. Wonder if there is any relation(?) Always thought it was an interesting last name. Would love to view your family albums to see if there's any relations. Can you email me the password? Thanks!

- michele writes:
November 20, 2007

Gugliuzza here from Rochester n.y. Grandfather and father Carmelo Pasqualli Gugliuuza. How did we all survive the first day of school with our last name?
- John DiGesare writes:
November 4, 2007

Just found your site and thought I'd say 'hello'. My grandather Salvadore DiGesare and grandmother Marie Bonefede also came from Isnello sometime around the turn of the century and lived in Schenectady, NY. They had six boys. I recently went to Rome, Italy and found only one DiGesare in the phone book. Would love to visit Sicily some day.
- jean cavalluzzo writes:
October 12, 2007

My husband ancestors were from Isnell on his mother's side. His greatgrandparents came to NY city in the 1890s. Their name is Alleca and Mogavero. The Mogavero's later came to Toronto. Biaggio Mogavero had a niece living in Buffalo, N.Y. Her maiden name was Calderella and she married a Forti and their children and grandchildren still live in Buffalo. I was in Isnello last month and found some cousins.
Jean Cavalluzzo
- joseph gugliuzza writes:
October 4, 2007

Hey..." just wondering if we are related.My father and my grandfather were also named Joseph G.they are from Lockport Ny.I was born in New Orleans but raised in Sarasota Fla..
- Jana Thompson writes:
September 26, 2007

My maternal grandmother was a Gugluizza, She married a Gugluizzo. I'm not sure of the year. They later had 4 children, a set of twins, and 2 daughters. Their youngest daughter was given up for adoption, due to my grandmothers health issues. That daughter was my mother. I am looking for any information I can find to pass on to my children about their heritage, and any health issues. We have since met her biological siblings. They have been of great help with this, but I would love to know more about the Gugluizza and Gugluizzo name.
- John Digesare writes:
September 3, 2007

My father's family is from Isnello. My grandfather's name was Anthony Digesare. He was born in 1893. He had a brother Giuseppe who was born in 1890. Their father came to the US and died before he could the two boys & wife over. My great grandmother re-married and her second husband's last name was Sbriglia. She had a another son, Phillip. Around 1900 they moved to Buffalo,NY. A daugther, Carmela was born in Buffalo as well as another son, Russell.

I am going to Sicily in mid - September and plan to visit ISNELLO. I know we had cousins in Buffalo whose last name was FORTI. They also came from ISNELLO.
- florence antonucci campos writes:
August 13, 2007

my maternal grandparents were carmella and john forti, from isnello sicily. when they married in isnello, their witnesses were mr and mrs gugliuzza. my grandparents settled in north evans ny outside of buffalo, ny.when they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1955, their witnessess at their wedding mass once again were mr and mrs gugliuzza. amazing isnt it.
- Fabrizio Gugliuzza writes:
August 5, 2007

this is my other e-mail
- Fabrizio Gugliuzza writes:
August 5, 2007

Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Fabrizio Gugliuzza ho 16 anni sono da Venezuela
i miei nonni e bisnonni sono arrivati in venezuela nel 1947 provenenti da palermo
non sono sicuro della data, ma secondo quello che ho potuto indagare nell epoca del mio bisnonno , una parte della nostra famiglia ha inmigrato a usa ,tra NY e Chicago
qui in venezuela la mia famiglia per parte di mio padre e molto piccola e mi farebbe molto piacere sapere se in qualche forma posso avere parenti lontani in altre parti del mondo.arrivederci
- Paolo Gugliuzza writes:
August 2, 2007

Ciao to all the Gugliuzza..
My name is Paolo- I was born in Bologna Italia, where my mother originates from, in 1947- my father Antonino was born in Isnello, Apr 6, 1916 ( dec. Italy, 1989)- warrant officer, Italian Air Force, awarded Knight of the Italian Republic.
My grandfather Salvatore also born in Isnello (1873 dec 1931) married Vento Maria ( 1879 – 1967).
On May 7, 1901 he arrived at Ellis Isl., and went on to join his brother Giuseppe, at 624 2nd Ave., Pittsburgh, PA.
On Apr 17, of the same year, his two brothers, Nicolò ( b. 1880 ), and Francesco(b. 1878) joined him.
In 1914 they returned to Isnello (because of my grand-ma’s health ), and lived in via Roma.
On Jan 25, 1921 my grand-pa returned to Buffalo N.Y. ( 438 Suvent St )- later he returned to Isnello.

My grand-pa other sons:
Gugliuzza Costantino ( b. Pittsburg PA- 1903 d. Cleveland 1969), married to Barbara (1905 – 1979).
“ Vincenzo Giuseppe 1909 – 1985,Boston. They return to the US Jan 23, 1924, and lived at 22 Woodland Av. Cleveland Ohio.
Gugliuzza Mariannina (1905 - 1997), Needham Mass, married name Mogavero.
“ Maria Cristina born Isnello Sept 9, 1914 , dec. Boston April 4, 2004 married name Cascio.
“ Rosina born Jul 28, 1918, dec Isnello Nov 6, 2002,later lived in US.
“ Pietro dec at age15.
All my parents are American citizens- then my father….
I have a brother Pietro b. 1944, Architect lives, in Vicenza, and a sister Maria Pia (b.1953), teacher, lives near Padova.
As for myself I was trained as an electrical engineer in 1966, but I have embarked on a different career – I owned a wine-shop, beer-bar and now I manage a Bed & Breakfast near Brescia !. All the details I can come up with ( there’s probably more at ) – who knows we might be related-

Best regards to all, Paolo
- Gabriella (ancora!) writes:
August 1, 2007

Me scusa, ma perché non posso scrivere con gli accenti?
- Gabriella writes:
August 1, 2007


Grazie per la tua email. La mia mamma me vuole praticare il mio italiano qui, perché non sono molto buono. Ci sar? un italiano AP esame quando sono nel liceo, e si ? preoccupata. Ho fatto molto bene sul progetto di storia, grazie per il suo aiuto. Forse andr? a New York quest'estate. Forse possiamo incontrare. Abbiate un'estate buona! (Mi dispiace. Non sono buono con il imperativo)

Arrivederci Gugliuzzi!
Paula Gugliuzza writes:
April 26, 2007

Hey Marc,
Thank you for providing all of The Gugliuzza Family with this cool website where we can communicate with each other. Its not everyday we can talk to other GUGLIUZZA people.
Spero che i Gugliuzza di Italia scrivano in Italiano cosi possiamo praticare la lingua.
- Vincent S. Gugliuzza writes:
April 25, 2007

The Italian side of my family is originally from Cefalu. The settled in Baltimore. My father's name was Vincent. My uncles were Bernard, Carlo, Joseph, and Rosario (Harry). I had a aunt named Sadie.
My parents divorced when I was still a baby. The divorce was bitter. I never saw my father again until I saw him in his casket. He died when I was 13. I am 64 now. I visit his grave in Parkwood Cemetary in Baltimore County, Maryland. My Uncle Joe was a teacher at Patterson High School. I was his student in woodshop. My mother in her anger and hurt changed my name to "Billy" because she could not bear to utter my father's name--Vincent--which is my name also. My Uncle Joe never acknowleged me as his nephew while I was in his class. We pretended not to know about each other. I met with members of my Gugliuzza family shortly after I began working as a teacher in Baltimore City. Although my mother was willing, the members of the Gugliuzza family declined to meet with my mother for some kind of reconciliation. Thus I remained estranged from my father's family. I have contact with them only at the grave sites. My mother died in 1995 at age 84. She is buried in Parkwood Cemetary also. Her second husband who I loved as my step-father is buried in another cemetary. I always realized that my mother never stopped loving my father. And she tried to be near him again in death. I love my father Vincent---I only know him from the stories my mother told me about him. Sadly, she never said his name when she told me those stories. I only heard my mother utter my father's name a few times. Once I became an adult, I assumed my birth name. That is how I came close to my father. To her dying day, my mother never called me by my father's name. I was always "Billy" to her. I have only three pictures of my father, but none with my mother and father together.
- Joseph Gugliuzza writes:
April 25, 2007

Hello to all the Gugliuzza People... What a last name...IT's Great... My name is Joseph Gugliuzza Jr.. My parents are from Lascari Sicily... Our entire Gugliuzza family is living in New Jersey.. We try to visit the motherland often... If any one has any connection to areas near Lascari please contact me maybe we know each other or even related.. Grazie..
- daniela writes:
April 25, 2007

i am a Gugliuzza.. my family are from Cefalu.. i live in England but most of my family stil live in Sicily..would love to hear from you
- Paul Verde writes:
April 25, 2007

What a great idea for a website!!!

My grandfather, Domenico Gugliuzza, was from Cefalu. His father, Pasquale, married Sarah Liberto. As of 3 years ago, the Liberto's and Gugliuzza's lived within 1 mile of each other in Cefalu.

Anyone with additional info, please contact me.
Thank you in advance.

Paul Verde
- Dino Gugliuzza writes:
April 25, 2007

Hi! If you remember, I wrote you last year. I'm Dino, I'm live to Padova (Veneto) but my parents live in Sicily (Caltagirone (CT)). The roots of my family are to Palermo but from a century approximately they they are uniforms between Caltagirone and Rome. Now I live to Padova because at the Padova University I'm graduated and now I work near Padova in a company that distributes automated biomedicali equipment. In fact I'm computer engineer of the industrial automation.
I'm very happy that the Gugliuzza's Family have a web site where we ourself be met.
A kiss and soon
- emanuele gugliuzza writes:
April 25, 2007

Ciao a tutti da Emanuele Gugliuzza
Designer e webgrafico di Milano
Mio padre Sergio Gugliuzza è di Palermo.

Best regards!!!
- Marc Gugliuzza writes:
April 22, 2007

Hello everyone, welcome to the guestbook.

I was born in New York, but my father is from Isnello, Sicily. I'm curious about where other Gugliuzza's may have originated from. It seems most are from Sicily, but not necessary Isnello. I wonder if we are still related, and if so, how? There is a theory in my family that a few generations back, we have French ancestors. Has anyone else heard that?